Peace Decay Release Hellacious Debut EP Death Is Only

EP: Peace Decay - Death Is Only

EP: Peace Decay – Death Is Only Free Mp3 Download

D-beat is a few form of cheat code. Any band who makes d-beat, the frantic and driving type of punk rock pioneered by bands like Discharge, will often find yourself kicking a minimum of slightly little bit of ass. In the event you can play d-beat with any stage of competence, I’ll in all probability take pleasure in your music. In the event you can play d-beat nicely — if you should use that model to channel velocity and fury and depth — then I’ll in all probability find yourself loving your file. On first pay attention, I feel I would love Peace Decay’s debut EP.

Peace Decay are a brand new band from Austin, and their members have been in different punk bands like Vaaska and Severed Head Of State. On their new EP Loss of life Is Solely…, Peace Decay play d-beat with severe focus and ferocity. The sound is sharp and clear, the guitarists play triumphant metallic leads once they’re not cranking out juddering riffs, and singer Enok Vasquez sounds much less like he’s singing and extra like he’s burping up clouds of magma. All six tracks on Loss of life Is Solely… are absolute rippers, and you should listen below.

Loss of life Is Solely… is out now on Beach Impediment Records.

Listen and see track list below;

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